Welcome to Chaffey Secondary College.

Over the next 4 years Chaffey Secondary College is initiating an ambitious improvement plan to build College pride and re-establish the College as the “School of Choice”. Underpinning our improvement agenda are “High Expectations” for all.

With a focus on “Excellence in Teaching and Learning”, “Building Authentic and Respectful Relationships” and “Creating Effective Community Partnerships”  Chaffey Secondary College is committed to creating a caring and supportive learning environment where students are developed as socially respectful and responsible global citizens.

Set amongst expansive green parklands Chaffey Secondary College offers a rich 21st Learning experiences with access to quality indoor sporting facilities, technology, arts, science, music and more.

“The purpose of Chaffey Secondary College is to grow all of our young people academically, socially and emotionally, to be proud of themselves, the school, and the community in a safe and inclusive environment”

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